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The GT Power brand is brought to you by a family owned and operated company that commenced in 1974 as a wholesale supplier to the power garden industry. The brand has grown steadily to become established as a leading supplier and innovator to the generator market with a sales and distribution network serving you throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
GT Power uses technology and components that are sourced from all over the world including USA, Europe and Asia.  A key component of GT Power's  philosophy is to provide you exceptional customer back up service and support, for all products offered.

GT POWER - The only choice  when reliability, value and perfect power are on your checklist

This new series has been designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate solution for your portable power requirements. If the lowest price generator on the market is what you are set on buying, please stop reading now and start preparing yourself for a lot of heartache and pain - both to the wallet and also to your personal circumstances. It is impossible to built a quality generator at a bargain basement price and GT POWER will not accept any compromises on quality in doing what is necessary to provide the best value and reliability in the market.

This is why GT POWER have a huge number of returning customers in the market today, customers who have experienced and appreciated the fact that “when you need a generator to go”, it is that moment when it starts and powers everything up correctly and efficiently, that the decision to purchase quality is really highlighted as a very important one.

GT POWER traditional style generators provide 
“super clean” power at less than 5% THD! 
So what is THD and why does it matter to me?
THD stands for “Total Harmonic Distortion” and is a measurement of the quality of power. Typical mains power has a THD of less than 5%. Anything greater than 5% can damage sensitive electronic circuits, cause static in speakers, cause lights to flicker etc.

It is very common in most lesser quality generators than GT POWER for THD levels to be up around 15% and some bargain basement models even up to 25%!  High THD levels are an unseen “appliance killer” and is something to be very aware of.  Generally, if THD lev-els are not advertised, it can safely be assumed that this is due to the fact that they are much greater than 5% - and a very detrimental and negative factor in a generator.
What allows GT POWER to have so much better power output/low THD?

Factors that influence THD are primarily in the quality of the alternator construction and excitation process, as well as the controlling electronics for frequency and voltage. The special quality, solid construction and attention to detail that GT POWER machines have included in these areas ensure that the THD levels are exceptionally low. Of course, the manufacturing cost is much higher to achieve this, but we are committed to providing you with the best. After all, what does the small saving on a bargain basement generator look like when it blows up a valuable appliance!
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