GT Power Unique Features

GTPower Unique Features
Premium Quality

Superior Quality Copper Wound Alternator

The alternator is the heart of every generator, so high quality alternators equal higher quality power. The alternator consists of two parts, the rotor and the stator. The rotor (which is coupled to the motor and rotates), sits inside the stator. The quality and assembly of these two components is crucial to the operation and longevity of a portable generator. Many inferior generator manufacturers will use lower quality materials to save costs in this area. A prime example of this is the use of aluminium windings in the stator; copper is much more conductive than aluminium, lasts longer, and produces a more stable power output. This reduces the risk of generated power damaging any items you run off your generator. All GT Power generators use premium copper windings in their construction to provide the best performance and durability.


Patented Tomahawk Square Profile Alternator

This revolutionary technology is a leap forward in power output, quality, and longevity. The square profile alternator, exclusively found on the GT7000ESQ and GT10000ESQ, has been designed with durability and efficiency at front of mind.

The Tomahawk square profile alternator design incorporates 25% more surface area than traditional designs, allowing for an average running temperature reduction of 20%! This heat reduction allows for increased power output form equivalent cc ratings by up to 10%. Cooler running temperatures mean superior durability and engine/alternator life, giving you better value for money out of your generator. Square alternator technology also offers reduced vibrations and smoother harmonics.

Sine Wave

Perfect Pure Sine-Wave Power (Inverter Generators Only)

The GT Power inverter generators feature prefect power through pure sine wave output, making them suitable for any sensitive electronic equipment you need to power. By producing power in three stages, GT Power inverter generators reach stable AC output in continuous smooth waves, known as "Pure Sine Wave" power.


Silenced Casing (Inverter Generators Only)

To further improve on the already whisper quiet performance of our inverter generators, we have introduced silenced casing to minimize sound levels. This has been targeted on machines designed for recreational, town or home back-up use to ensure your generator is within regulations, and doesn’t disturb you while in use.

Panic Button

Push Button Start

Electric starting has been made even easier with the push button start function. Featured on key models throughout the range the push button start feature takes the effort out of starting your generator.

Remote Control

Remote Start

Start and stop your generator with ease from up to 50m away with the wireless remote key fob. Experience convenience like never before with this GT Power feature!


Two-Wire Start

Two-wire start manages the start / stop of a generator from a closed-circuit, third-party control system like a solar inverter or ATS transfer switch. The GT Power generators featuring this function (GT4000ESi / GT8000ESi) are ideal for home-back up and integrating into solar systems.


Parallel Connection Function

The parallel connection function allows for two units to be synchronised to increase total wattage while maintaining the flexibility of the original machines.


Digital AVR

For smooth reliable power, most GT Power conventional generators use a heavy duty AVR (automatic voltage regulator) module. This means reliable voltage output regardless of the load applied to the generator, leading to better quality power.

ATS Ready

Generators which are ATS ready, have the ability to connect to an Auto-Transfer Switch, which (when connected) automatically turns on the generator in the event of power outages. Generators with this feature are perfect for use as home back-up power.

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